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Feeding and Care Habits of Salt Water Clown Fish

Feeding and Care Habits of Salt Water Clown Fish

Author: Groshan Fabiola

When you look at salt water fish for sale, you always have to think about what you are going to feed them.  You must also consider whether the other creatures in your salt water fish aquarium will get along with these new fish that you are bringing in.  This is especially true of salt water clown fish.  There is a great deal of information available on the feeding and care of these clown fish that is extremely helpful for the hobbyist making their first salt water purchases.
One of the first things that you should know about salt water clown fish is that they are omnivores and not herbivores as any people mistakenly believe.  Plant and vegetable pellets are not the best choice for clown fish.  It is better instead to buy foods that include both meat and vegetable ingredients.  And just as you would want to do with any of the creatures in your salt water fish aquarium, you want to make sure their food is high in vitamins.
If you wanted to mimic the foods that clown fish eat in the wild, you could feed them virtually any salt water creatures below them in the food chain.  They feed on small shrimp, algae, zooplankton and copepods, although they tend to eat more vegetables in the winter and proteins in the summer.  They will eat whenever they can and will even horde food to take advantage of what is available in the present time.  So you may feed the clown fish whatever is available – just don’t overfeed them, since they will most likely overeat.
It is important to learn about the eating habits of any salt water fish for sale that you are thinking about buying.  So make sure to continually drop food for your clown fish until he starts to spit some out, feed him shrimps and other foods that they would eat in nature, and make sure they have a good omnivorous diet.  Learning all the eating and care habits upfront will ensure a happy relationship with your new fish from the start.
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